Difficulties in basalt stone crushing processing


(1) Basalt has high compressive strength, good toughness, high hardness and strong abrasion resistance, so it is difficult to crush and process, which makes it difficult for the actual processing capacity of stone crusher to reach the output of the name plate.


(2) It is difficult to control the needle and flake content of the finished coarse aggregate within the specification requirements due to the poor particle shape of the aggregate after the basalt crushed by stone crushers, and there are many flakes.


(3) After processed by vertical shaft impact crusher, the content of stone chips and coarse particles in the aggregate of basalt with particle size less than 5mm is higher, the fine particles are less, the fineness modulus of sand is relatively large, and the content of stone powder is low; if the rod mill is used, the unit output is low, and the water consumption, steel consumption and power consumption are high, so it is difficult to make sand.


The stone crusher system is not only used for normal concrete, but also for roller compacted concrete. Due to the high content of stone powder (12% – 18%), it is difficult to select proper the sand making process.

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