Processing material: Dolomite


●Fineness of finished product: 250 mesh dolomite powder


●Application of finished products: basic refractory, flux for blast furnace ironmaking, ingredients for the production of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and magnesium sulfate, glass and ceramics.


What is 250 mesh dolomite powder? What’s the use?


250 mesh dolomite powder is a carbonate mineral. Its crystal structure is like calcite and often presents rhombohedron. It will bubble slowly when it is cold and dilute hydrochloric acid. Some 250 mesh dolomite powder emits orange light under cathode ray irradiation. 250 mesh dolomite powder can be used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractories, chemical industry, agriculture, energy conservation and other fields.



GK pendulum mill is mainly composed of base, central shaft frame, grinding ring, plum blossom frame assembly, grinding roller assembly, central shaft, blade frame, blade seat assembly and cover barrel. Dolomite is milled between the grinding ring and the grinding roller. The fan will grind it into 250 mesh dolomite powder and send it to the turbine classifier. The 250 mesh dolomite powder enters the collection system and is installed into the finished product.


GK pendulum grinding mill can not only grind 250 mesh dolomite powder, but also replace almost all types of mills, with a production capacity of 45t / h. It is especially suitable for power plant desulfurization, manganese mining and other large-scale powder processing. It has many advantages:


1.High reliability: advanced and reasonable structure, stable operation, low vibration and low noise.


2.Energy saving and environmental protection: the total power per unit time remains unchanged, the production capacity is increased by 40%, the power consumption is saved by 30%, and the dust collection rate is 99.9%.


3.Convenient maintenance: with the new sealing structure, the roller grinding device can fill grease once every 300-500 hours without removing the roller grinding device and replacing the grinding ring.

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