Which equipment is better for grinding 200 mesh ore powder, such as montmorillonite powder, dolomite and marble powder? Guikuang, the manufacturer of ore grinding mill, has developed a new generation of Raymond mill equipment from the perspective of the market. It abandons the disadvantages of low production and high consumption of traditional grinding mills, increases production capacity and reduces energy consumption for the project. It is a common equipment in montmorillonite production line and can create greater value for customers.




Advantages of montmorillonite Raymond mill with an increase of 40%


Raymond mill equipment is a common grinding machine in the powder processing market. The traditional mill has the disadvantages of low production and high consumption. In order to meet the market demand, improve production capacity and reduce energy consumption. Guikuang team has developed new Raymond mill equipment from the perspective of the market, which has a number of patented technologies and processes. Various performance indicators have been greatly improved, which can increase production by more than 40% and save power consumption cost by more than 30%.




Advantages: wide range of grindable materials


The equipment can grind many materials, such as calcium carbonate, limestone, barite, dolomite, marble and other ore grinding projects, which can be grinded and processed by Raymond mill equipment.






In order to increase production and reduce consumption, the equipment has a number of patented technologies, such as new vertical pendulum structure and pulse dust collector. It is an ideal new Raymond mill.




Advantages: stable operation


The equipment has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, stable operation and more reliable performance.




Advantages: more environmentally friendly


The equipment uses a pulse dust collector with a dust collection rate of 99%, which can realize dust-free processing. It is an ideal environmental protection and efficiency grinding machine.

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