Granite is an igneous rock of magma condensate below the surface, its main component is feldspar and quartz. It is not easily weathered, hard and has beautiful colors, is the ideal paving aggregates and building stone and widely used in the construction field. But precisely because of its high hardness, wear-resistance, resulting a large difficulty in granite processing and machine wear serious, ongoing maintenance costs are too high.

For granite, basalt, quartz, marble and other high hardness ore rock properties and application requirements, Liming Heavy Industry designed a set of granite processing program for customers, which including Jaw Crusher, GK hydraulic cone crusher and GK crusher.

Wherein, the jaw crusher is suitable for granite, basalt rock ore crushing, typically used for first crushing process. It uses the principle of mutual squeezing from jaws and materials to processing. Its bearing pressure, strong crushing capacity, can one-time process all various of rocks to medium-grained, running is stable.

In the production of granite secondary crushing and shaping, select new combination with GK Hydraulic Cone Crusher + GK Sand making machine to achieve further accurate processing of granite, Output 05/12/13/24/58 and other specifications gravel, melon seeds, powder, and 1-5mm sand material.

According to the technical engineer, GK hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic systems and laminated crushing principle, GK sand making machine use impact energy, “stone to stone” “stone to iron” crushing principle, has high crushing ability, low wear, excellent finished grain shape, enjoy high praise in hard rock crushing areas, market feedback is very good.

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