Raymond mill’s conventional installation method consists of a main engine, a fan, a cyclone, a dust collector, and a piping system. Nowadays, a kind of installation method is more and more popular with users. That is, Raymond Mill uses fan power to directly transport the powder into the powder tank, no longer uses the cyclone separator, or only uses a part of the cyclone separator. The advantage of this method is that the powder after the Raymond grinding can be directly into the tank, which reduces the transportation and packaging of the powder, greatly saves the labor cost and saves the powder transportation cost. And this method is common on the size of the Raymond mill model, but it is different. The main difference is that the height of the Raymond mill is sent to the top of the tank due to the different sizes of Raymond mills. Restriction, the larger the Raymond mill, the larger the matching tank and the larger the storage volume. As for the height of each tank, it is necessary to blindly raise the tank according to Raymond mill. Sometimes it may not achieve the expected effect, but the investment tank will cause unnecessary losses.




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