High Output and Low Energy Consumption
Under the same finished product fineness and electromotor power, the capacity of ultrafine pulverizer is 40% higher than that of a jet mill or a stirred mill and doubles the capacity of a ball mill while its system energy consumption is only one-third of jet mill.

High Fineness
Product fineness can be arbitrary adjusted within a range from 325 to 2500 meshes and its disposable fineness can reach D97≤5um.

Safe and Reliable
The bearing and its sealing elements will not wear out easily and the bolts will not loose to make damages as there is no rolling bearing and bolts in the ultra fine mill.

Grinding rollers and rings are forged by special materials and their service life is 2 to 5 times longer than the wearout parts of the impulse-type breaker and the turbine type pulverizer. Generally it can use over one year and even up to 2-5 years for processing calcium carbonate and calcite.

Heavy rotor design and tight test method
The application of the pulsed jet filter and silencer has reduced the dust pollution andthe noise at the construction site is very low in accordance with state standards.

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