What are the specific types of superfine grinding mill? For manufacturers gradually pursuing market scale and refinement, it is essential to have an ultra-fine mill. It can be applied to a variety of materials. It is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder with high efficiency, high yield, environmental protection and energy saving.

In the market, we often see GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill and GKHD ultra-fine ring roller mill. They have their own characteristics and are ultra-fine mills with high demand in the market.

GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill overcomes the problem that many traditional ultra-fine powder processing equipment have low production capacity and can not be produced on a large scale, and the technical performance of the equipment is improved. It can replace the imported ultra-fine mill, with small floor area, less system equipment and product fineness of 7-45μM any adjustment. It adopts a secondary grading system with a fineness of up to 3μm。

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