Crushing and grinding are two progresses of making raw material into smaller size. They don’t have evident distinction. But in most case, the progress of grinding mainly indicates produce superfine output size which reaches to powder. In the industries of mining and chemical, crushing and grinding equipment types have large difference.

Almost all of the stones and rock with different size can be crushed. Stone crusher machines have many types, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, diesel engine crusher, and mobile crushing plant etc. The variety of crusher types can meet all kinds of crushing, hard stone or large size. The final output size of crushing can reach to 0.5 mm to 40 mm, but not less than 0.5 mm.

If you want the output size less than 0.5 mm, you should use a grinding machine. There are several grinding mill machine types, such as Raymond mill, High pressure grinding mill, and Micro powder grinding mill. These grinding mill machines can grind the raw material from 0.613 mm to 0.005 mm. However, a crusher is also needed in grinding mill machines. In order to ensure the superfine output size, the feeding size has a strict standard about size, so if the size is too large, it should be crushed first. That’s why a small jaw crusher or hammer crusher is needed in a grinding mill machines.

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