The super-fine vertical grinding mill draws lessons from the technology of Germany, Japan and Taiwan. It breaks through the bottleneck of super-fine powder processing of super-fine vertical powder mill and breaks the pattern that the traditional Raymond Mill cannot grind products with high hardness, high moisture and high fineness. It is of great significance to realize the large-scale production of various materials. It is mainly used in the processing of more than 200 kinds of super-fine powders such as limestone, calcite, marble, heavy calcium, kaolin, barite, bentonite, gypsum and pyrophyllite, with a fineness of 3-45 μ m. The production capacity is up to 40t / h.

Structural advantages of super-fine vertical grinding mill

The motor drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate, and the materials to be ground are sent to the center of the rotating grinding disc by the air lock feeding equipment. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves around the grinding plate and enters the grinding roller table. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, the material is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. At the same time, the wind is sprayed upward evenly at high speed from the air ring around the grinding disc. The milled materials are blown up by the high-speed air flow at the air ring to blow the materials with coarse particle size back to the grinding disc for re grinding. The fine powder is brought into the grading machine by the wind for grading. The qualified fine powder flows out of the mill with the gas and is collected by the dust collection equipment. The unqualified coarse powder falls to the grinding plate again under the action of the blades of the grading machine and is grinded together with the newly fed materials. In this way, the whole process of grinding operation is completed. The rotor speed of multi-head powder concentrator is easy to adjust, and can obtain qualified products of various specifications.

Performance characteristics of super-fine vertical grinding mill

1.Wide application range: due to its special structural advantages, the super-fine vertical powder mill has a wide application range. It can process more than 200 kinds of materials with super-fine powder.

2.Stable quality: compared with similar mills, super-fine vertical powder mills have uniform particle shape, narrow particle size distribution and good fluidity.

3.Low comprehensive investment cost: super-fine vertical powder mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. The process is simple, the system equipment is few, and the structure layout is compact, which directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise.

4.Low energy consumption: the grinding curve of roll sleeve and lining plate specially designed for super-fine powder grinding of super-fine vertical powder mill makes it easier to form material layer. It has high grinding efficiency, high yield obtained by one-time grinding, and energy saving of 30% – 50% compared with ordinary grinding mill.

5. Good environmental protection performance: small system vibration and low noise; The system is sealed as a whole and operates under full negative pressure without dust overflow. It can basically achieve a dust-free workshop, and the dust removal effect fully meets the national dust emission standard.

6. High reliability: it adopts the grinding roller limit device to avoid the violent vibration caused by material breaking during the working time of the mill. It adopts a new grinding roller sealing device, which is more reliable and does not need a sealing fan, further reduces the oxygen content in the mill and has better explosion suppression performance.

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