The carbon black powder processing, environmental Raymond mill is the recommended equipment; it has high application value and high grinding efficiency. Guikuang is an experienced grinding mill manufacturer for carbon black powder. The carbon black grinding mill is scientific principle, high output efficiency, stable performance, high price performance ratio, the produced carbon black powder owns high quality, high whiteness and purity, greatly realized the market value and social profit.

1. Carbon black grinding mill is indispensable to carbon black processing

Raymond mill is mill equipment specializing in the production of carbon black manufactured by Guikuang. It can be used to grind carbon black, dolomite, barite, marble, limestone and other powders. What are the characteristics of the professional Raymond mill? In fact, the traditional mill has the disadvantages of low output and high energy consumption. In order to achieve high efficiency production, Guikuang R&D team strives hard to create a new type of Raymond mill equipment, which breaks through the disadvantages of traditional mill, improves production capacity, reduces energy consumption, and improves powder quality and market competitiveness. It is mill equipment specializing in carbon black market.

Raymond mill can adjust the fineness of finished products arbitrarily between 80 and 400 meshes, equipped with pulse dust collector, can achieve 99% efficiency of dust collection, and all positive pressure parts of the main engine have been sealed to achieve dust-free processing workshop, not only that, the mill maintenance is also convenient, the use of sealed structure design, replacement of the ring does not need to dismantle the roller device, so. The whole machine is easier to maintain and more efficient.

2. Principle of Carbon Black Raymond Mill

The lifted material is thrown between the grinding roll and the grinding ring. The grinding powder is blown by the air flow of the blower to the classifier above the main machine for sieving. If the fineness is too coarse, it will fall into the main machine for re-grinding. The fineness qualified powder will be collected by the collector to become the finished product.

3. Guikuang tailor-made exclusive selection scheme

As a manufacturer, Guikuang has always been customer-centric, tailor-made exclusive selection and configuration scheme; in-depth understanding of customer needs, combined with the actual situation of each project, customized exclusive selection scheme can improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, and achieve efficient production and processing.

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