1.We should take care of Raymond mill(Raymond roller mill), before the machine’s installation. Exposed surfaces shall be coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rust or water coming in the unit body. maintenance system should be established.


2. The plant and the base should have enough height and installation location according to Raymond mill(Raymond roller mill) installation foundation drawing size. The base of Raymond mill(Raymond roller mill) should apply high-stardand cement and must be bury rabar and the threading pipe or cable ducts. After the cenment base is cast, there still must have a maintenance period of 15 days.


3. Equipped with 2 ~ 3 tons lifting tool, for Raymond mill(Raymond roller mill) installation and maintenance.


4. The time that Raymond mill(Raymond roller mill) from exworks to use beyond more than 6 months,hosting center axis system, transmission device, roller device and analysis oil pool should be clean and check. After the cleaning check finished, all the parts should coat enough lubricating oil.

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