Differences in composition:

The main structure of albite is framework silicate, which is a sodium mineral of plagioclase solid solution series, and usually exists in microcrystalline rock and granite.


The main components of Aeolian fossils are Carboniferous, calcite, dolomite, magnesite and other carbonate minerals.


Differences in properties and uses of substances:

Albite crushing powder is used to make ceramics, soap, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, glass, abrasives and so on, especially in the ceramic industry. It is mainly used as glaze and green body ingredients.


After crushing and pulverizing, aeolian fossils are used to make water materials, semi permeable materials, sand and stone orthopedics, etc., which are used in the fields of expressway, high-speed railway, cement, construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.


Therefore, albite and weathered stone can be distinguished from each other in terms of composition, nature and use. Can the fossil use albite grinding mill?

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