The gold content in the tailings of gold deposits in China is generally 0.2-0.6g/t. Most of them are accompanied by copper, lead, zinc, iron, sulfur and other elements, mainly P (0.1% – 0.18%); Zn(0. 1%~0.15%); Pb(0. 2%~0.3%); Cu (0.02% – 0.04%) etc. The main minerals of the tailings of the gold deposit are cafe2 (Si02), pyrite (FeS2), calcium carbonate (CaCO3), chlorite (mg.fe) (alsi2o10) (0h) 3 A-quartz (a-sio2) and a-fe202.


These gold tailings are generally silty waste, and the amount of gold tailings discharged each year is 80000-120000. These abandoned gold tailings not only need to spend a lot of money and occupy a lot of land to build sand storehouse for storage, but also cause serious environmental pollution because they are silt like and easy to fly with the wind. Therefore, the treatment of gold tailings has become a concern.

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