Limestone grinding mill equipment is often used in the processing of limestone powder. It can process limestone into 20-2500 mesh limestone powder, which can meet the purposes of building materials, industry and so on.

1、Raymond mill


Raymond mill or pendulum mill shall be used for limestone powder processing. The powder yield is 1-55t/h and the product particle size is 22-180μM (80-600 mesh). It can be used in many fields such as construction, metallurgy, medicine, power plant and so on. Among them, GK1720 large vertical pendulum Raymond mill is a large Raymond Mill successfully developed in China for a long time, which is about 2.5 to 4 times higher than that of similar 5R equipment. It effectively improves the capacity of single equipment and reduces energy consumption. It is an ideal choice for large-scale production.




2、Vertical roller mill


Vertical mill is now the mainstream equipment for limestone powder processing. The powder yield is 1-200T/h, and the particle size of the product is 80-600 mesh (22-180)μm) Any adjustment between. It can be applied to barite, calcite, manganese ore, slag powder, lime powder, carbide slag, quartz sand, lignite and other materials. High grinding efficiency, low power consumption, simple process flow, small floor area and small dust.




3、Superfine vertical grinding mill


It is a special grinding equipment for ultra-fine powder grinding. The powder yield is 1-40t/h, and the product particle size is 3-45μM (330-4167 mesh) can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can replace imported equipment and integrate crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. Simple process flow, less system equipment and compact structure layout. It is an equipment focusing on the large-scale production of ultra-fine powder.




How to select limestone powder processing and grinding equipment?


1). According to fineness


Different types of limestone powder processing and grinding equipment have different fineness. Raymond Mill 22-180μM (80-600 mesh), vertical mill 80-600 mesh (22-180μm) , superfine vertical mill 3-45μM (330-4167 mesh). You can choose according to the fineness. If the budget is sufficient, it is within the scope of 80-600 items. Customers can choose the vertical mill, which has a longer wear-resistant life.




2). According to capacity


The maximum capacity of Raymond mill is 55 tons per hour, that of vertical mill is 200 tons per hour, and that of ultra-fine vertical mill is 40 tons per hour. Customers can choose according to their own budget and capacity requirements.




3). According to material humidity


Raymond mill and super-fine vertical grinding mill can accept materials with humidity less than 6%. The vertical mill can accept materials with a humidity of 15%. You can use different grinding equipment for different dry and wet degrees of materials.

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