As one of the important equipment for non-metal deep processing, Upgraded version of Raymond Mill is widely used in production bases such as mines and cement plants. At the same time, Raymond Mills pays great attention to the needs of the market with unique performance characteristics and superb technology. In the production process of Raymond mill, there are some reasons from various aspects that will lead to a significant reduction in production efficiency. What are the factors? The following are the technicians from Guikuang to introduce them.

1: The composition of the product. If you need more fine powder in the product, you should sieve it in advance to prevent the fine powder from sticking inside the Raymond mill and affecting the conveying.

2: The viscosity of the product. Due to the viscosity of the product, the adhesion is large, which will affect the working efficiency of the Raymond mill.

3: The hardness of the product. In general, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to grind the powder. As the hardness of the material is upgraded, the difficulty of grinding increases, and the easier it is to wear the Raymond mill.

4: The humidity of the product. Raymond mills are not very cold for products with large moisture content. Generally speaking, the moisture content of the product will cause adhesion inside the Raymond mill, and it will also gamble during the feeding process. Reduced the ability of the Raymond mill.

5: The Raymond mill uses the Raymond milled parts with better wear resistance and performance. The greater the capacity of the Raymond mill, the better the product can be milled.

The production efficiency of Raymond Mill is not static. You need to pay attention to the details of its work and better maintenance in actual production and daily operation. The above are just some points to improve the production of Raymond Mill. There are still more details to be aware of in the production. Proficiency and all aspects of mastering the operation and precautions of the Raymond mill can greatly improve production efficiency.

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