If you want to grind dolomite into powder size, you should know some information about the following grinding mill machines: Raymond mill, High Pressure Grinding mill and Three-Ring Micro Powder grinding mill.

Raymond mill is the most famous but traditional grinding mill machine. It can be used for grinding more than 300 kinds of materials into powder size (30-325 meshes) with the capacity of 0.15 tons per hour to 9 tons per hour. Even though Raymond mill is an old-style grinding mill machine, it has the feather of large grinding ratio, adjustable output size and fine final size. High Pressure Grinding Mill is perfected at the basic of Raymond mill in the following aspects: larger grinding ratio, larger capacity, finer output size, less consumption, better and more identical powder size etc. The high pressure grinding mill can reach the capacity of 22 tons per hour, which is the largest capacity in the three grinding mill machines. Micro powder grinding mill is used for grinding super fine output, such as 2500 meshes. But its capacity is smaller compared to the other two grinding mill machines.

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