In the normal operation process of the vertical roller mill, the main features are stable operation, no large vibration, and the gear of the vertical roller mill runs smoothly, there is no sound, the gap between the gears is normal, and it can be checked regularly. Adjustment, the vertical roller mill needs to pay attention to the bearing during production. The lining is checked by the wear of the base bolt and the lining bolt. It is also necessary to check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the motor is running normally, and then the vertical roller mill External cleaning work.
vertical roller mills are used in production and processing. According to the specifications of vertical roller mills, the rotational speed is based on milling efficiency, the principle of vertical roller mill is advanced, the quality is excellent, the grinding efficiency is high, and the single machine capacity is large, which is favored by users. The vertical roller mill is a new grinding equipment created by GK. The GK professional design team has strong strength and rich experience.

The vertical roller mill is the perfect crystallization of its own research and research achievements and foreign advanced technology. It covers a number of technologies, with high technology content, and its product performance has reached the forefront of science and technology. The equipment mainly includes feeders, classifiers, blowers and pipeline installations. , electronic control system, collection system, compact layout, reasonable structure design, strong environmental adaptability, small floor space, high degree of automation, the whole process controlled by the milling system, can be automatically configured according to the actual grinding situation to be reasonable Grinding scheme, reducing the number of repeated grinding, reducing the probability of incorporation of iron impurities, helping to obtain raw materials with high whiteness and purity, high grinding efficiency, low production energy cost, far higher than national energy saving standard More environmentally friendly and low carbon, helping to create a good image brand across the country.
The vertical roller mill rotates the turntable during operation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material enters between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, the material will be squeezed, and the powder will be blown by the blower. The airflow is blown to the classifier above the main unit for screening. The material with too coarse particle size will enter the grinding machine for regrind. The material with the fineness of the specification will flow into the pulse dust collector. After being collected, the material will be discharged through the powder discharge tube. The subsequent gas stream flows into the atmosphere through a pipe on the pulse collector and into the atmosphere.

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