Raymond mill is also named Raymond grinding mill or Raymond roller mill. The frequent using wearing parts are grinding ring and grinding roller for Raymond mill. Raymond mills models are name after the grinding roller number, diameter and length. The smallest Raymond grinding mill is 4R3220 Raymond mill and the largest Raymond roller mill is GK2500 Raymond mill. Before we buy Raymond mill in grinding plant, we had better know clear about specifications and working principles of Raymond grinding mill. What are working principles of Raymond grinding mill for sale ?

After the materials enter the grinding chamber of Raymond grinding mill , the grinding roller swings outward and presses closely upon the grinding ring due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the Raymond mill main shaft. The blade carries materials to the space between grinding roller and grinding ring, and materials are ground as the grinding roller rolls. After being ground, the powder is selected by classifier via the cycle wind of the blower and the rough powder will be back to the grinding chamber for regrinding. The qualified powder is conveyed into the powder collector together with airflow. In order to reduce dust powder pollution, we had better install dust catching system for Raymond mill. More details on Raymond mill operation and maintenance tips,welcome to contact us online!

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