There are three desulfurization methods in iron and steel plants. They are wet desulfurization, dry desulfurization and semi dry desulfurization. In dry desulfurization process, activated coke is a common desulfurizer, and it can be grinded to 200 mesh powder.We are rich experience in mechanical processing and manufacturing, with professional new dry Raymond mill equipment, grinding out 200 mesh activated coke powder for desulfurization market.



Raymond mill machine is a kind of non-metallic mineral grinding equipment . It is a new equipment for upgrading traditional mills with high efficiency, large capacity and more environmental protection. It can be used in 80-600 mesh powder Market of activated coke, marble, limestone, barite and dolomite.


{No. Of Roller}:3-5rollers


{Product capacity}:1-25t/h


{Product fineness}:22-180μm


{Application filed}:The mill can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical rubber, coating, plastic, pigment, ink, building materials, medicine, food and other processing fields. It has remarkable grinding effect and advanced technical level. It is an ideal equipment for non-metallic mineral processing.


{Application material}:It can process sepiolite, bauxite, titanium dioxide, ilmenite, phosphate rock, clay, graphite, calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, potassium feldspar and other non-metallic minerals with high yield and high efficiency. The product fineness is easy to adjust and operate.


{Grinding characteristic}:The mill can effectively improve the unit output of a single equipment and reduce the energy consumption per unit output. It has the technical advantages of wide use, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and environmental protection, and high cost performance ratio.


1)Stable operation: it uses plum blossom frame and longitudinal pendulum roller grinding device, stable operation, more reliable performance.


2)Environmental protection: it uses pulse dust collector, and the dust collection rate reaches 99%.


3)The maintenance is very convenient: it can replace the grinding ring without removing the grinding roller device.


4) Large energy saving capacity: large processing capacity per unit time, higher grinding efficiency, and 30% lower power consumption cost.

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