The concrete industry, both production methods , tooling level is not high , serious pollution and waste , so that green development path to become the inevitable choice to change the development mode . Concrete industry has entered a very important transition period, through the transformation of the mode of production , through the transformation and upgrading, to achieve green production has become a must.

Way concrete industry for sustainable development, only through technological innovation and industrial policy in order to achieve or to reduce industrial resources and energy consumption, pollutant emissions reduction targets . Studies of industrial waste mixed concrete, and recycled concrete in different intensity levels , different structures , different parts of the feasibility of the application is an important aspect of it.

Construction waste , coal gangue , fly ash, gypsum, phosphogypsum , chemical waste, smelting slag , tailings and other wastes through mobile crushing and screening equipment sorting, crushing, screening and other recycled aggregates generated after the process can be as the production of these commodities C30 concrete materials.

Mountains of mining machine introduced a new mobile screening equipment , including mobile crushing and screening station and mobile station , the introduction of Germany advanced technology, combined with market demand for solid waste treatment have a good effect on the average hourly one million tons of construction waste to be effectively addressed.

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