Elemental iron (Fe) in the Earth’s crust ranked fourth, it is the main component of the Earth’s core. It exist rarely in nature in the form of primary metals. Pure metallic iron is silvery white with a very ductile, ferromagnetic at 1528 °C high temperature melting. All metallic iron used in modern industrial society is about 95%. Ferrous metals may arise in certain smelting iron compounds, mainly from iron ore. The most common production for metallic iron is from smelting iron ore to produce pig iron. Steel is an iron containing impurities such as silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and obtained by the processing of the form with the carbon reduction. In global scale, steel versatility is unmatched. Wrought iron (low carbon), iron (pig iron) also have important markets. One of the most popular products in Australia is corrugated iron, structural steel shaped into parallel grooves and ridges. It was invented by Henry Robinson Palmer in London in 1828 and quickly became popular in the roof and farm buildings.

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