Calcium carbonate ultrafine mill is a Calcium carbonate grinding mill that can replace imported equipment for large-scale production of calcium carbonate ultrafine powder. It is suitable for hundreds of materials. How many meshes can the ultrafine mill of calcium carbonate reach? How many tons is the production capacity per hour, the following is a detailed introduction to the calcium carbonate ultrafine grinding model and parameters.

How much fineness can calcium carbonate ultrafine grinding reach?

Calcium carbonate ultra-fine mill can grind to 3-22μm (the interval is about 568-4167 mesh), and the powder selection accuracy is higher after secondary classification.

Calcium carbonate grinding mill is composed of classifier, fan, dust collector, silo, screw conveyor, pipeline and other equipment. It is equipped with a classification system for secondary air separation. The single-head and multi-head powder separators are used to effectively control the fineness of the finished products. The fineness of the finished products ranges from 3 μm to 22 μm, and efficiently obtains qualified products of various specifications.

How many tons of calcium carbonate ultrafine mill can produce per hour?

The production capacity of calcium carbonate ultrafine mill is 1-50 tons per hour, and 8-400 tons per day.

Calcium carbonate ultra-fine grinding roller sleeve and liner grinding curve specially designed for calcium carbonate ultra-fine powder grinding, easy to form material layer, high grinding efficiency, large single-machine production capacity, output up to 50t/h, equivalent to more than 5 micro-powder grind. The electrical system adopts PLC automatic control system, the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, the operation efficiency is improved, and the labor cost is reduced. In terms of maintenance, the grinding roller adopts a hydraulic device to be turned out of the machine, which is convenient for maintenance, and the grinding roller sleeve can be turned over. Use to extend the service life of wear-resistant materials.

In addition, this calcium carbonate grinding mill can grind materials with a humidity of 6% and a Mohs hardness level below 7. Because the humidity, hardness and block diameter of the materials are different, it will also affect the production capacity.

Calcium carbonate grinding mill model parameters

When purchasing calcium carbonate ultra-fine mill, I believe that many customers are not only concerned about production capacity and fineness, but also pay more attention to the electricity consumption per hour of calcium carbonate ultra-fine grinding, motor energy consumption, feed particle size and other aspects. The following picture shows the specific model and parameters of the GKLMX calcium carbonate ultrafine mill:

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