Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in industry. But calcium carbonate doesn’t exist in the state of powder in nature. Calcium carbonate is common found in rocks, minerals and stones. Then how to get calcium carbonate? It needs a calcium carbonate grinding machine.
Calcium carbonate grinding machine is a grinding mill machine which is used for grinding stones or rocks into powder size. There are several calcium carbonate grinding machines: Raymond mill, High pressure grinding mill, ball mill and Micro powder grinding mill. These different crusher types have different produce purpose and to get different powder size with some certain capacity.

Raymond mill is suitable for small scale grinding, its Max. capacity is 2 tons per hour at the 325 meshes output size. But if the required output size is larger, the reachable capacity can exceed 2 tons per hour. High pressure grinding mill is optimized at the basic of Raymond mill, so it has larger capacity and finer output size. Micro powder grinding mill is used for producing micro powder, such as 1000 mesh to 2000 meshes.

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