To produce aggregate cost-effectively, you need to make sure to have employees who know what kind of maintenance requirements and operational parameters ball mills have. We listed 5 tips that help to maximize ball mill productivity.



1. Use Cement Grinding Aids

Adding a small amount of cement grinding aids in the grinding process can improve the grinding efficiency, which is beneficial to the high quality, energy saving and high yield of the ball mill. Since the use of cement grinding aids by an enterprise, the increase in ball mill production has stabilized at more than 10%, the power consumption per unit output can be reduced by about 10%, and the mixing amount of mixed materials has increased by about 5%.


2. Control The Moisture And Temperature Of The Material Entering The Mill

The water content of the mixed material entering the factory should be strictly controlled and carefully reviewed, and the temperature of the material entering the mill should be strictly controlled within the range of process requirements. In order to ensure the stable output of the mill, the comprehensive moisture content of the material entering the mill should be ≤1%.


3. Control The Ease Of Grinding Materials

In order to ensure the grindability of the grinding materials, one is to produce clinker with good grindability as much as possible, and the other is to choose a mixture of good activity and good grindability.


4. Control The Fineness Of The Finished Product

In the production quality control, the control of cement fineness mainly adopts the sieve analysis method and the cement specific surface area method. The screen margin of 0.08mm should be controlled within the range of 2.5% to 3%, and the specific surface area of the cement should be controlled within the range of 360-375㎡/kg.


5. Strictly Control The Particle Size Of The Grinding Material

The first is to adopt the method of “more break and less grinding” to keep the particle size of the grinding material below the internal control standard;


The second is to control and track the particle size of the mixed material, so that the particle size of various materials can be rationalized into the mill.

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