In the real practice of operating the magnetic separator, our technicians remind users of the correct operating steps and details as follows in order to make the magnetic separators work for a long time:

First, before the start up of the machine, users should check it completely from the following aspects: 1. whether the unloading scrape plate contacts the cylinder normally; 2. whether there is a proper quantity of lubricant oil in the bearings and reducer; 3. whether there is loosening problem of the bolted joints; 4. Whether the power supply works normally; 5. Whether there is foreign matter that may hinder the normal operation of the machine.

Second, after the checking step, users can operate the magnetic separator according to the regulations and specifications as follows: to turn on the power supply and to active the separator; to feed a tiny number of minerals in the first place and then feed materials with full load; to stop the feeding process before shutting down the magnetic separator.

Third, speaking of the maintenance of the magnetic separator, users should do as follows: 1. Try to prevent the cylinder of the separator from impacting and check the abrasion condition of the cylinder skin. 2. Remove the scrap iron that attach to the separator’s cylinder surface. 3. Check the set screws in every part of the machine to avoid the mechanical failure. 4. Allow no magnetic card, mobile phone and watch in the working field of the magnetic separator.

As long as users follow the above tips listed by our experts, they will find it easy to operate the magnetic separator and pleasing to realize the ideal handling results they expect.

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