Three pass rotary dryer is suitable for drying garnet sand massively. After being dried, the moisture content of the garnet sand can be less than 0.5-1%.
Dry garnet sand is widely applied in kinds of industrial area, such as blast sand, free abrasive material, Resin-bonded grinding tool, Coated abrasive, Filtering medium, Liquid cutting etc.
How does three pass rotary dryer dry garnet sand efficiently? Let us to begin from working pricinple firslty.
1.Use belt conveyor to transport the garnet sand into the rotary sand dryer;
2.Hot air furnace supply the hot air for the garnet sand dryer;
3.Inside the garnet sand dryer, the wet garnet sand is heated by the hot air, and the moisture inside the garnet sand is evaporated into water steam;
4.High pressure draft fan suck out the water steam, which is goes into the atmosphere finally;
5.Dry garnet sand goes out through the discharge hole of the garnet sand dryer;
6.Cyclone dust collector separates the dust from the water vapour, and keep the working field clean;

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