Author: guikuang                                                                                               Release date: 2019-03-12
In powder equipment manufacturing industry, new Raymond mill is not only a new representative production, but also energy-saving environmental protection equipment and mainstream production ideal equipment to improve the grinding efficiency of non-metallic mineral powder in marble, limestone, calcite, bentonite and other non-ore grinding industries. Guikuang Raymond mill process is scientific and reasonable, to be applied to artificial marble industry development can further enhance the market competitiveness of the industry, promote industrial upgrading and innovation of artificial marble.

With the development of modern construction industry, we have put forward the requirements of light quality, high strength, beautiful beauty and many varieties of decorative materials. The man-made ornamental stone appeared in this situation. It is light weight, high strength; corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, convenient construction, and the pattern can be controlled. It is an ideal decoration material for modern architecture. Artificial marble is made of natural marble or granite crushed stone, filled with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as the adhesive after stirring molding, grinding and polishing. With the development of society, the application value of artificial marble in the construction field gradually increased, application area is further expanded, and high quality marble powder raw materials will also become a prerequisite for promoting industrial upgrading of the artificial marble, the application position in the industry is rising. As the marble grinding mill equipment professional manufacturer, Guikuang Raymond mill grinding process have multiple advantages, strong technical force, widely used in the field of marble powder processing.

GK series vertical pendulum grinding mill is developed by Guikuang on the basis of non-metallic mineral powder after learning the advanced production process, and technical indexes have greatly improved, it can processed 80-400 high quality marble powder, the capacity increased more than 40% compared with traditional Raymond mill, the unit electricity cost can save more than 30%, covering a number of patented technologies makes the milling equipment can really achieve high capacity and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, the application of nonmetallic minerals in the market, creating considerable economic and social benefits.

Guikuang new marble Raymond Mill -GK series vertical pendulum grinding mill

[Scope]: The mill covers a number of patented technology, is technological innovation based on the R-type mill, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, building materials, coatings, paper, rubber, medicine , Food and other areas of production and life.

[Performance advantages]: The mill is replacement equipment of the traditional milling machine. Wide usage, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, high cost-effective, 30% -40% higher output than the traditional Raymond Mill, is a kind of economical and practical milling equipment.

[Applicable materials]: Focus on grinding and processing of diabase, clay, graphite, clay, coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite and other Mohs hardness below 7 non-metallic mineral ores. The equipment has a number of national patent technologies; performance reached the national leading level.

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