Recently some customers will inquiry some problems about Raymond mill, for example, some old customers produce micro stone powder but the output is increasingly decrease, which has influenced the manufacturing efficiency. Here below I will introduce you the main factors that the reasons for output reducing.

Firstly, there are overmuch or insufficient raw materials, two extremes. When the Raymond mill equipment is working, the speed of feeding can not too fast or too low, because overmuch raw materials will influence the performance of equipment, insufficient raw materials will cause idle of Raymond mill, which will enormously influence the output.

Secondly, the damage parts of Raymond mill. Any destroyed part will greatly influence the ultimate output. For example, blower and grinding rollers, such kind of important parts need to be inspected regularly. The moment you find problems you should address them timely to guarantee the normal running of the equipment.

Thirdly, too wet raw materials. The raw materials include many water is the main reason to decrease the stone powder output, which not only add the difficulty of powder grinding but also easily to block powder channel. Thus will cause not smooth working and output decrease.

Fourthly, the serious wearing of the Raymond mill. Raymond mills grind stone powder is mainly depend upon grinding roller and grinding ring. If the wearing is too serious, then raw materials can not be ground into the size that can satisfy the customers’ requirements, and the raw materials will be rotating in the insider grinding mill, which leads to output decrease.

We have upgraded our Raymond mill on the basis of traditional grinding mills, no matter technique or configuration, there will be in need of large improvements. If you are interested in our Raymond mill or other equipment, welcome to inquiry our online server. Thank you.

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