The energy consumption for conveying the tailings in the ore beneficiation plant is very high. Since the tailings have to be timely transported to the tailing dam, the pulp pump must run without stop, which directly increases the energy consumption for tailings transportation and improves the production fees. For this reason, on the condition that the pump station, pipeline and head are all fixed, it is advisable to use the variable-frequency governor to change the rotary speed of the machine unit and change the parameters of the impeller to reform the old pump. Using the variable-frequency tailing conveying pump can realize high-density conveyance or constant-density conveyance, which will effectively reduce energy consumption and production cost.

With the constant development of science and technology, the ore dressing technology and ore dressing equipment such as flotation machine, magnetic separator and ball mill are also constantly making progress and developing. The ore dressing industry in our country provides good development platform to promote the improvement of the taste of the dressing materials in order to provide various kinds of excellent mineral products for other domestic industries.

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