Silicon metal is also called crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, which is a product composed of quartz and coke in an electric smelting furnace.The main component, silicon element’s content is about 98%, the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, and calcium. Silicon metal’s main use is as a non-iron-based alloy additives,it has a wide range of applications in metallurgical, chemical and electrical and electronics industries.

In order to improve the metal silicon active in the application process, you need to grind silicon metal block to a certain fineness, the current domestic and international markets required fineness standard of silica fume control in general 500-1μm (30-12500 mesh), in which (500-80μm) 30-180 mesh silica fume has high demand, the market prospects are better. The fineness of 45μm or less of silica sand fume has low price, which means grinding mill and classifier are put forward higher requirements.

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