The Front Side Of The Crusher Discharge Opening Is Designed To Timely Adjust And Control The Crusher Mouth Size, In Order To Effectively Control The Particle Size And Reasonable Load Balancing Products Paragraphs Broken Crusher.

There Are Two Types Of Direct And Indirect Methods To Detect The Crushermouth Approach. Direct Detection Method Is The Application Of The Earliest And Most Common And Easiest Way , Is About To Shot ( Or Lead Weights And Lead Column ) Unloaded Into The Crusher , The Measure Is Squeezing The Shot Crusher Discharge , Lead Weights , Lead Column Size , To Identify The Size Of The Port Of Discharge . Indirect Detection Method Is Divided Into General And Inductive Hydraulic Hydraulic Detection Assay . General Hydraulic Testing Method Is To Set The Oil Level Indicator Regulate Discharge Mouth Of A Ruler Hydraulics , Oil Level Actually Reflects The Movable Cone Crusher Location , Directly Display The Size Of The Discharge Mouth ; Inductance Hydraulic Detection Method Electro-Hydraulic Control System Relies On Electronic Control System , Which Is Based In The Spindle Inductive Measuring Or Ask Gap In The Top Of The Spindle Automatic Synchronization Sensor , Automatic Measurement And Display Of Spindle Position And Size Of The Port Of Discharge . Indirect Detection Method Can Continuously Detect The Instantaneous Discharge Mouth Size , To Facilitate Timely Adjustment Of Discharge Port And Achieve Operational Automation. However, This Method Can Only Be Used For The Port Of Discharge Is Equipped With Hydraulic Adjustment System And Electro-Hydraulic Control System Crusher, Cone Crusher Is Mainly Used .
Product Size Is The Demand Of The Market, So We Need To Regularly Check The Size Of The Discharge Opening.

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