The ceramic particles have the advantages of good performance, little density, high cylinder compressive strength, high porosity, large softening coefficient, good frost resistance and excellent alkali-aggregate reaction. It’s popular among customers because of its countless features such as small ceramic particle, interior porous structure, strong hardness and sturdiness, light weight, good corrosion resistance and frost resisting and snit-shocking functions.

The ceramic materials are used in the industries of construction, gardening, food and beverage, fire-resistant materials, chemical engineering and petroleum and the application range is expanding wider and wider. Since there are a lot of advantages of the ceramic particles, it has been widely accepted by people and has been considered as the new investment hot spot.

Our company as one of the most popular mining machinery enterprises is famous for our ceramic making equipment and the advanced ceramic particle production technology and the excellent production equipment have made our ceramic machine the first choice for the customers. As the Chinese ceramic particles have a spacious market in China, our company speeds up the research and development on the ceramic equipment. We have succeeded in the invention of the new type of disc granulator with the granulation rate as much as 94%.

The bottom plate of the disc granulator is made of thickening wear resisting steel. The granulator’s stable operation and excellent performance help it win much good reputation and praise from the customers. Nowadays the granulator is applied to make particles of shale ceramic particles, mud ceramic particles, coal powder, compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

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