The main mineral composition of the limestone mill is calcite. The mineral particles and crystal structure are rare, and the surface is smooth and small particles. The colors are black, gray, white, yellow and brown. Limestone is used extensively as a building material and is an important raw material for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime.

What can be found is that the anti-corrosion of this kind of product produced by this manufacturer is more durable than other manufacturers. This is because in all aspects of production, whether it is material or technical investment, it is particularly well supervised. In the quick embodiment, everyone sees the different results it has. What is more important is that each of its productions is supervised, and the measurement of standard data in a very good process is particularly huge.

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which can be directly processed into stone and burned into quicklime. Lime has quicklime and slaked lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally in the form of a block, pure white, and pale gray or yellowish when it contains impurities. Quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become hydrated lime. Slaked lime is also called slaked lime. Its main component is Ca(OH)2. The slaked lime is formulated into a lime slurry, a lime paste, a lime mortar, etc., and is used as a coating material and a tile adhesive. Limestone and lime are used in large quantities as building materials and are important raw materials for many industries.

The compressive strength of limestone is generally around 150 MPa, which belongs to soft rock. Therefore, the selection of the production process of limestone production line, the coarse crushing of heavy hammer crusher and the standard hammer crusher are a reasonable and economical choice. . The following is a detailed explanation of the 1500T/H limestone production line configuration.

Cement plants can use large-scale rough and fine breakage through limestone crushing line equipment to meet national standards of use and customer requirements. Easy to use, the crushed product has a uniform particle size, long service life, low noise, low dust, convenient maintenance and repair, and low vibration.

The raw materials are initially crushed by a coarse jaw crusher. Then, the produced coarse materials are transported by a belt conveyor to a counter-crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stones are sieved into three different sizes of stones. Stones, oversized stones are returned to the impact crusher and broken again.

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