About carbon anode whose material was calcined petroleum coke. Because of industrial specialties, the requirements on carbon anode were strict. During operation, flawed products must be crushed, ground and then recycled. So, grinding mills were necessary.

The host uses the bevel gear to achieve whole transmission, stable and reliable. There is no need for a speed reducer. So the installation and adjustments are easier and the failure rate is lower.

Professional customized fans are used to satisfy the height requirement of powder conveyance. They effectively increase the output of grinding mills and reduce noises.

All 3 systems (the host, the fan and the powder concentrator) uses dilute-oil lubrication. Excellent lubricating conditions extend the service life of facilities and guarantee a long-term safe operation.

The wear-resistant air intake volute is unaffected by resistance. So, not only can the pneumatic conveying efficiency in the mill be increased, but also maintenance costs can be cut a lot.

The seal of grinding rollers adopts innovative and practical labyrinth seal and other multiple sealing designs to ensure using performance of grinding rollers.

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