Slag powder, is high-quality concrete admixture and cement mixture, and also one of the preferred hybrid materials for preparation of high durability concrete structure in the world. Compared with the ordinary Portland cement, slag powder concrete is with low heat of hydration, corrosion resistance, strong bond with the steel, impermeability strong, anti-micro-shrinkage, late strength and high. Therefore, slag powder as a new type of high-quality low-cost building materials is welcomed by the construction industry. Slag powder is slag produced by iron and steel smelting, after drying and mixing with gypsum according to a certain ratio, into the slag grinder grinding, after the election by the separator to become slag powder.

Fineness of GK series Mill can be between 80-3000mesh. The fineness of superfine slag powder mainly affects the strength of cement and concrete from two aspects: one is the physical effect, mainly for the physical effect of filling. We use the particles to enhance the role of particle filling, increase the strength of cement; Second, chemical effects, mainly to change the composition of cement hydration products and affect the process of cement hydration. When mixed with a large number of slag powder, the strength of cement isn’t reduced, but may increased.

In recent years, application of slag powder in the construction is gradually widely recognized, slag powder production enterprises will also increase. Guikuang professionally supply GK series Superfine Grinding Mill, taking green products, the harmonious development and improve efficiency, as the company’s purpose, to provide customers with satisfactory service.

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