Some Link Needed Notice With Sand Making Machine

1. Because GK sand making machine are ultra fine crusher which has high precision and small output size, it will be easy agglomeration in the crushing cavity and blocking the discharge gate if the material contain slurry. So it will require material be washed or screened before be fed.
2. Gravel should be sieved ahead of entering into GK sand making machine. That can remove moisture of material and size blow 5mm fine stone. It will be helpful for crushing layer by layer.
3. The best condition of sand making machine output size need be controlled during 6.35-12.7 mm
4. Take GK sand making machine for example, the max feeding size is about 50mm, but during sand making plant, the best input size is less than 15mm
5. Electricity of GK sand making machine need be controlled between 280~300A, that machine can work under full load stable operating state.
6. Water spray dedusting during production line don’t effect machine run, but please note don’t use more and watering machine directly, or it will make machine load increase, reduce production, even blocking.

If notice the above key link, sand making machine can reach even beyond customer’s expected effect absolutely. With decrease of natural sand stock, environmental requirement and improve sand quality, the market demand of artificial sand will be more and more. So GK sand making machine will have good marketing.

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