At present, heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mills are mainly used in construction, ore, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, mineral processing, refractory materials, concrete aggregates, etc. There are many types of materials that can be processed. Commonly used are kaolin, bentonite, Limestone, fly ash, etc., different materials are processed with different mills. So what is the price of a heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill, and what is the grinding output of the equipment?

When purchasing heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill, due to the different types of heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill and their different performances, the functional features achieved are also different, and the fineness of the finished materials is also different , So the price of the equipment is different. As early as the manufacturer strength, equipment technology and materials of the heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill, the price of equipment on the market is different.

We know that the amount produced by each Raymond mill equipment is not fixed. In the process of grinding heavy calcium carbonate, it is affected by many factors, and its production capacity will also be different. Due to the hardness of heavy calcium carbonate There will be certain differences. The harder the texture, the more difficult the Raymond mill will grind, and the output will be lower, which will also cause certain damage to the equipment, affect the production efficiency, and reduce the output. If the user requires the finer granularity of the ground calcium carbonate product to be ground, the grinding time of the mill fan is longer, the grinding efficiency is low, and the output may be low.

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