Slag dryer, a rotary drying machine, is mainly made up of rotary cylinder, blower equipment, high-speed powder disassembling equipment and lifting plate. This dryer is designed properly, covers a small area and performs steadily. Besides, its output is high while energy consumption is low. Slag dryer is fit for those with heavy moisture and specific gravity such as slag, limestone, coal slime, sludge and so on.

Then, what is the working principle of slag dryer?

1. Slag is sent to the hopper and then goes into the slag dryer through a feeding pipe.

2. The dryer cylinder is slightly inclined, compared with the horizontal line, so that slag is added from the higher end of the cylinder, while the heating medium enters from the lower end, contacting the material adversely. However, the material and the heating medium may enter the cylinder from the same end.

3. The material, under the effect of gravity, moves to the lower end with the rotation of the cylinder, so the wet material is heated and dried by the heating medium, directly or indirectly , when it moves forward in the cylinder. After that , it is exported from the discharge opening.

4. There are some shoveling plates on the cylinder wall of the slag dryer. The function of these plates is to enlarge the contacting area of the material and the air by shoveling and scattering the material, which further improves the drying rate and promotes the motion of the material.

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