Sand iron equipment is the addition to the latest development of high technology products, is designed for the special structure characteristics of silica sand process, the application of CNC technology and automation technology, in magnetic separator equipment manufacturing go new ways, won the unanimous endorsement of the majority of users of magnetic separator.
The characteristics of silica sand iron removal equipment:
1. The device can be the non use value of non-metallic mineral, the sorting in addition to iron into qualified raw materials sales out. At the same time, separate the iron can also be sold as a powder, two income together with considerable economic benefit and social benefit.
2, magnetic induction intensity up to 15000 Gauss magnetic field distribution, magnetic field gradient is high, excellent effect of removing iron.
3, we design programmer control system, equipment work process: feeding, discharging, feed back, iron, washing process to achieve automatic control, manual operation is not needed and the caretaker, iron removal completely no residue, convenient and quick.
4, the use of brush equipment, strong magnetic ore unloading processing, has the characteristics of ore unloading clean, small power.


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