Why is Guikuang Raymond vertical mill popular?
Raymond vertical mill
Raymond vertical mill equipment is the mainstream equipment dedicated to grinding 80-400 mesh ore powder, so it has become a special equipment to assist the grinding of 300 mesh diabase grinding project. This is a new generation of upgrades developed by Guikuang Equipment, whether in terms of process, equipment structure, quality, equipment performance, or after-sales service, maintenance, etc., this equipment is well received by the market. Mainly reflected in the following points:

The structure is more reasonable and mature

The main structure of Raymond vertical mill includes grinding rollers, grinding rings, racks, motors and other devices. Guikuang meets the market needs. The new generation of Raymond mill equipment developed with great concentration has beautiful appearance, more scientific internal structure and low failure rate. Moreover, the running process is very stable, the performance is more reliable, and it is consistently favored by the market and customers.

Better quality

The Raymond vertical mill equipment is developed with advanced production technology and excellent wear-resistant materials. It has excellent quality, good wear-resistant parts, sufficient supply, and long service life of the equipment. More importantly, the equipment It can quickly increase production by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost can be saved by more than 30%.

More environmentally friendly and energy saving

The residual air outlet of the mill is equipped with a pulse dust collector, which achieves 99% efficient dust collection, and all the positive pressure parts of the host are sealed, which is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Price customization is more reasonable

Guikuang has a professional scheme design team, which can combine the grinding needs of the project to customize the exclusive selection and configuration scheme. The developed scheme meets the investment needs of customers, and the equipment quotation is more reasonable and more economical.

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