Generally, manufacturers are direct selling manufacturers, and the price of equipment accessories will be lower, or it will be more favorable to go to the original manufacturer. If the manufacturer is an agent or middleman, the price of the product may be increased too much, the price is higher than that of direct manufacturers Higher. If you choose to buy for a certain accessory, it is recommended to go to the original manufacturer to buy it better, or there are suitable manufacturers, the price and quality can also consider buying.

The important parts of the Raymond powder mill are the grinding roller and the grinding ring. In the process of processing ore into powder, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will often contact with the ore and there will be some wear.
The accessories of the Raymond powder mill are different according to the time of processing materials, and the materials used for the grinding roller and the grinding ring are also different. Generally, there are three types: three kinds of manganese 13, 65 manganese and alloy steel, and the price is also There is a big difference, for some materials, the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is relatively large, and the wear is relatively fast. If there are some materials that are not wearing on the equipment parts, then the alloy material can also be selected.

However, for those materials that wear more heavily on the grinding roller and ring accessories, manganese 13 can be selected. The manganese 13 material is more wear-resistant and durable than other materials, but the price is more expensive, suitable for grinding materials with high hardness and toughness that are not easy to form powder. Depends on the working conditions of the equipment, it is not possible to save the material that needs to choose the Meng 13 material, and do not affect the work due to small losses.

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