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Dolomite is widely used in refractory, chemical, glass, building materials and other fields. The use of dolomite Raymond Mill production line can improve the utilization of dolomite resources, enhance product added value, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Guikuang specializing in the manufacturing of Raymond Mill which can process dolomite blocks into 80-400 meshes powder and can help enterprises create greater market value.

Dolomite is a compound of calcium and magnesium, also been used in agriculture, environmental protection, energy conservation, medicinal and health care and other fields. The main component of dolomite is magnesium carbonate MgCa (CO), and the maximum theoretical content of magnesium oxide in dolomite is 21.74%. China is one of the world’s country which have most abundant magnesium resources with all types of ore and widely distributed, more than 4 billion tons of dolomite, magnesite (mainly MgCO) resources is about 3.47 billion tons, salt lake magnesium reserves of billions tons, magnesium resources accounted for 22.5% of the world’s total reserves, ranking first in the world. “Dolomite products include magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium metal, and sulfuric acid magnesium and so on.

For those who want to invest in the field of dolomite milling, the choice of high production and efficient dolomite Raymond Mill is a good choice, for the equipment is professional for dolomite, marble, activated carbon, calcite, limestone, talc, titanium dioxide, quartz stone, bauxite and other non-metallic mineral, mainly consist of main mill, classifying machine, pipeline device, high pressure blower, cyclone collection system, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electronic control system, improvement and system upgrades based on R-series grinding mill, the configuration more reasonable, higher capacity; high precision in classifying, is the ideal choice for processing dolomite powder.

Guikuang new improved dolomite Raymond Mill: GK improved grinding mill machine

[Maximum feed size]: 25mm

[Grinding ring diameter]: 1290-1250mm

[Machine power]: 125-238.5KW

[Production capacity]: 1.5-13t/h

[Finished particle size]: 0.038-0.18mm

[Scope]: The mill covers a number of patented technology, is based on the R-type mill on the basis of technological innovation of the new milling equipment, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, building materials, coatings, paper , Rubber, medicine, food and other fields.

[Performance advantages]: The mill is the traditional milling machine replacement equipment. Wide use, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, cost-effective, is the economic and practical milling equipment.

[Applicable materials]: For Mohs hardness below 7, humidity within 6% of the various non-metallic mineral materials with high production and efficient grinding capacity, such as wollastonite, hydrated lime, zircon sand, talc, calcite, carbonic acid Calcium, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon, fluorite, brucite and other materials.

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