The Raymond mill is crushed by air to achieve the crushing effect. It can be fed into the powder once and the fineness is easy to adjust. The crushed materials of the Raymond mill are mainly rolled by the grinding roller. If the grinding roller is worn for a long time, it will wear. When processing materials with high hardness, it is easy to cause abrasion on the grinding roller when the material grinded by the mill is not easy to form powder. When we buy equipment, we must pay attention to the importance of choosing grinding rollers.
According to the different processing materials, we can choose different materials of grinding rollers. However, the material of the grinding roller basically has three kinds of high solder alloys and manganese 13, 65 manganese. If the processing material is strong in sand iron, it is recommended to buy grinding rolls made of manganese 13 material. If you are processing ordinary materials, you can buy high-alloy alloys. Also, when buying a grinding roller, be sure to look at the model of the equipment, the size of the grinding roller and choose it. The size of the grinding roller must be clear to see the diameter, height and aperture of the grinding roller. Because some manufacturers use straight hole grinding rollers, unlike most tapered holes, they must measure the size, so the purchased mill will be very convenient to install, and will not increase upset.

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