Activated carbon, also known as activated carbon black.which is Black powdery or granular amorphous carbon. It has good adsorption.Activated carbon processed by Micro powder raymond mill usede in the following field:
1,it can be used as the bleaching agent and the filter agent;
2, it can absorb various gases, such as contaminated air, etc.;
3,it can be used as a test methanol, tin and silicon reductant.
The activated carbon raymond mill is Guikuang developed by the characteristics of activated carbon, it also known as Micro powder raymond mill.
Activated carbon raymond mill abandoned traditional raymond mill airtight, dust leak more, the energy consumption of the disadvantages, inherited the advantages of traditional raymond mill high handling capacity, the amount of high-yield, high through force, makes its own performance been greatly improved,and also improve production efficiency, reduce production costs. Activated charcoal processed by activated carbon raymond mill, not only making itself better in many areas, it also led to the development of activated carbon raymond mill, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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