Nowadays, the market demands for new type powder materials are very strong in the majority of industrial manufacturing industries which almost cover all of the production and manufacturing departments of the light and heavy industry. Raymond mill plays an important role in manufacturing materials. With the increase of the market demands for materials, the market demands for Raymond mill will be driven to rise. As a famous brand in the mining machinery industry, Guikuang aims at the market opportunities and increases the investment in the research and manufacturing link of Raymond mill, so that the products can reform to the direction of energy conservancy and environmental protection and high production capacity.

The Raymond mill manufactured by Guikuang adopts advanced structure of the same products of domestic and foreign market and is designed according to many years of research and development experience and market feedback information of this equipment. During the using process of traditional Raymond mill, we find that while processing mineral powers like calcite, there are plenty of mineral powders, so if we can separate these powders through some technical means, the company benefits will be greatly improved.

In order to ensure the continuous and stable production, the Raymond mill produced by Guikuang is made with these features: this equipment has higher working efficiency than ball mill; the changing cycle of the grinding roll and grinding rings is long.

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