1)The most popular application of petroleum coke is the cement industry, with about 40% market share, the second one is prebaked anode and graphite electrode , with about 22% market share.

2)The low-sulfur and high-quality calcined coke, such as needle coke, can be used for making graphite electrodes and particular carbon products, and is the important material in the steel-making industry.

3)medium sulfur and ordinary calcined coke are generally used to smelt aluminum.

4)high sulfur and ordinary coke are mainly used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., or as a fuel for metal casting, glass plants, and so on.

Nowadays the there is an increasing demand for low-sulfur coke. With the development of the economy and environmental protection policies, the use of high-sulfur coke would be decrease.

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