A Kind of New Energy
Petrol coke is a kind of coke delay coking processed by residual oil. It is a kind of partial carbon form. Petrol coke is in black color, with lots of holes, in stacking granulate form, can not be melted down. Elementary composition majority in carbon, or with small quantity of hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and some metal elements, some times has moisture. Petrol coke is widely applied in metallurgy and chemical engineering–as electrode or material. For petrol coke is the ‘waste’ in petroleum refining, so the technology of petrol coke powder replace heavy oil is a typical circular economy, it is also a good way of new energy applying.

Petrol Coke Classification and Character
Needle coke: has obvious acicular structure and fiber texture, majority used as high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode in steel-making. Needle coke has severe quality index and requirement in sulfur content, ash content, volatile component and true density, Guikuang GK Series Grinding Mill has specialized advantages in needle coke production technology.
Sponge coke: high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, majority applied in aluminum industry and carbon industry.
Shot coke: in spheroidal shape, diameter 0.6-30mm, generally produced from high-sulfur and high asphaltene residual oil, only for industrial fuel in generate electricity and cement industry.
Coke breeze: produced by fluidization coking technology, in fine particle (diagram 0.1-0.4mm), high volatile component, high thermal coefficient of expansion, can not be directly applied in electrode and carbon industry.

Petrol Coke Processing Technology
After crushed the petrol coke by jaw crusher, dry the coke by dryer (some don’t need drying), and then grind into require fineness by GK Grinding Mill. Lastly, transport the coke powder into the kiln for burning.
The ignition temperature of petrol coke can reach 1650-1730 ℃, approaching the fire temperature of heavy oil.
GK Large-scale Grinding Mill was developed on the basis of GK2500 Grinding Mill. The GK series mill is a really high efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly ultra-large grinding mill referenced Germany technology and applied multiple patents. The capacity can reach 20t/h and can full fill the national industry policy and large-scale industry producing requirement. The equipment fill the blank of large grinding mill in China, and extend the application fields of pendulum grinding mill. The GK Large-scale Grinding Mill has international advanced technology which largely increase efficiency. The mill is able to be the replacement of any other facilities, it has the best performance in large-scale powder processing of power plant desulfuation, manganese industries.
At present, GK Large-scale Grinding Mill has a wide application in more than one hundred enterprises of manganese, petrol coke, power plant desulfuation, talc, calcium carbonate industry.

The technology of petrol coke fuel is a brand new revolution of new energy comprehensive utilization. Replace the traditional energy with new energy, will not only save up valuable petroleum resources and protect the environment, but also reduce the cost and increase profit for enterprises, and increasing the market competitiveness of product.

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