Though the jaw crusher can work in tough environment like at very low temperature, we should still be careful about the operation and maintenance of it. Oil and liquid are two main materials we have to use during the application of the jaw crusher, so it’s very important for us to do well in the selection and replacement of the oil and liquid.

First, we have to pay attention to the selection of the fuel oil. Paraffin troubles are easy to happen to the diesel at the low temperature; in this case, its viscosity will increase and the liquidity gets worse, which will make the burning process deteriorate and reduces the driving power and economical efficiency of the diesel engine. In order to make the diesel engine run normally and reduce the oil consumption, we’d better apply the diesel with low condensation point.

Second, the replacement of the diesel engine oil is also important for the maintaining of the jaw crusher. For the diesel engine, we usually choose the cold engine oil with small viscosity and high performance which is not easy to be oxidized when the temperature gets too high. In addition, the multi-level machine oil can be applied to the coal slime dryer within a wide range of temperature. When we change the oil, we should at the same time clean the oil filter.

Third, it’s necessary for us to change the lubricating oil and grease in a proper time. When the season changes, its’ a great time for the maintenance work. For example, we should regularly replace the transmission device, the transfer case, differential mechanism and the steering gear oil.

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