The invention of the hammer crusher has changed the past disadvantages of the traditional crushing equipment. After the technique improvement happens to the hammer crusher, it has won customers’ trust based on its complete operation system which helps users to make the most profits high efficiently.

So what are the concrete improvement measures that the manufacturers take to change the hammer crusher’s developing history? The answers are listed as follows:

1. We had better use the high fatigue strength materials to make the hammer crusher. The heat treatment and strengthening technology make it possible for the manufacturers to increase the fatigue strength of the machine.

2. Try our best to improve the surface quality of the hammer crusher’s main shaft. For example, if there are shaft sections working in the corrosive media, we should try certain measures to protect the shaft surface.

3. The manufacturers need to reduce or remove the initial crack occurring on the crusher shaft’s surface as much as possible. It’s important for us to prolong the service life of the shaft in order to improve the materials’ properties.

4. It’s known that the sudden change of the crusher’s main shaft structure and size is the source of stress concentration. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to reduce the influence of the stress concentration which is also the first and main approach to enhance the fatigue strength of the machine.

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