Guikuang adheres to the principle published by the state of supporting the development of the basic industries such as the important energy, transportation and raw material, which should get the national support as the backbone of the basic industries in order to get the improvement and support, and doing something just like this can provide many advanced machines with high efficiency for many industries of coal and non-metal, which can satisfy the demand of the national economy development.

We all know that our national basic construction such as the railway and road have to confront the challenge brought by the fiercer marketing competition according to the scientific development and the increasing living pace. According to the analysis of the experts, China mining machinery still has the opportunity to expand the range and scale of the company in the following years, including the selecting mine and ore dressing. The marketing demand for the crushing machine with high efficiency is much more enormous than the ordinary crushing machine, ball mill and other equipment. Those mining machines such as hydraulic crushing machine, cone crusher and impact crusher will be the urgent commodity in a short time, which can be used to solve the problems such as the rubbish and the production line, and the artificial sand production line will be one important step to handle the building construction rubbish which can be cycled in order to realize the reuse.

With the development of mining machinery, the design of the product is the soul of the manufacturing industry, and the structure, performance characteristics, quality, cost, delivering time, the possibility of manufacturing and maintenance, the handling of breakdown and the combination of human being, machine and the environment can be determined in the process of design of products. The technological innovation of products has become the first factor determining the position in the competition. Especially for the industry of mining machinery, whose competition is much fiercer, which asks for the creativity and innovation of the design in order to satisfy the demand of our country and creates the mining machinery with the ability of energy saving.

Guikuang is built in 1973, which has experienced many difficulties and adversities, so this has become the reason why our company has the ability to be outstanding in the fiercer competition. Choosing one way of scientific information, continuous innovation, digital style, automation and intelligence can create the beneficial factor to the mining machinery. Mining machinery has begun to walk toward a new stage in the following years.

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